Ethann offers four options for assisting Lightworkers to uncover their gifts, brand and launch their services and products into the world.

Living Your Planetary Purpose | Pre-recorded Video Class Series

In this pre-recorded Video Class Series, you receive unlimited access to 6 classes from Ethann's Living Your Planetary Purpose live program. These videos offer detailed teachings and take you through a process of uncovering your gifts, energetically aligning with your mission, branding and leaving your signature imprint on the collective. As you interact with this material, you will also find homework assignments to keep you on track as you become part of the audience in the comfort of your own home.
Videos topics include:
1. Discovering your unique gifts and life mission
2. Utilizing Astrology and Numerology to better align with your life mission
3. Developing a world class brand
4. Branding and marketing for success
5. Building a legacy that lives on beyond your incarnation
6. Moving beyond blocks


Living Your Planetary Purpose + Energy Transfers | Live Class Series

Interact with Ethann in this dynamic, live class designed to move you beyond stuck energies into full alignment with your soul's imprint and mission. This six week live course also includes 12 remote energy transfer sessions with Ethann to raise your consciousness and remove negative karma. When you participate in an energy transfer, you will be releasing karma that has been accumulated by your soul's life experience, environmental toxins and lower vibrational frequencies. This process removes the dense energy that prevents you from accessing your higher self and raises your consciousness, level of happiness and wellbeing. Many of the individuals who work with Ethann, start to come into their abilities within the first month of multiple sessions. Through repeated sessions, your aura will also increase three to four times in size, with a cumulative effect over time. You will access new information stored within your DNA that was previously unavailable, awakening the mind to a new way of seeing the world.
In this live courses series, Ethann takes you through a progression of uncovering your soul's hidden gifts and abilities to expressing them in a big way on the planet. Prepare for homework and come with questions, as this course also includes a 2-hour live Q&A with Ethann to share your personal insights and inquiries and receive feedback to strengthen your brand.


Discovering Your Signature Imprint | Private Sessions with Ethann

Ethann works with a handful of individuals in private sessions over a 6 month period to help them to discover their life mission, uncover their spiritual gifts and hone and express them in unique way.

In this program, Ethann will:
1. Study your cycles and the patterns in your life to uncover your unique talents and gifts
2. Identify areas where you are stuck and remove vibrational blocks standing in the way of the full expression of your life purpose
3. Guide and train you in developing and honing your gifts

Expect to walk away from these sessions with a very specific understanding and definition of your gifts and mission which is invaluable for communicating it to the world. Those who work with Ethann in this capacity are evaluated for invitation into his exclusive Lightworker Program | One-on-One Mentoring" program. (Option Four below).
Program Includes:
12 - Forty-five minute video calls (approximately 2 per month)
72 - Remote Energy Transfer Sessions (approximately 12 per month)
Current Cost: $950 per month over a 6 month period
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The Lightworker Program | One-on-One Mentoring with Ethann

Ethann works with a handful of individuals one-on-one over a 1.5 year period, to help them to make the transition from their current life to a life dedicated to changing the world in a substantial way that is unique to each person's life mission.
Prerequisite: Must have already completed Option #3 before applying to Option #4. Upon completion of Option #3, Ethann will take you from the discovery of your unique gifts and talents to the full manifestation of your life mission in the world. In this program, Ethann will:

1. Build a professional world class brand around your new life mission (social media, website, marketing materials, etc).
2. Teach you metrics which you will use to evaluate your success and how to position yourself professionally, maintaining a high level of value from your audience for the work that you do.
3. Create a business and financial model that will enable you to thrive in your own personal life, as well as have resources to live a substantial life.
4. Identify opportunities for you to reach a global audience through the Awake and Empowered brand, as well as the audience of others who are established in related genres. This may include speaking at the Awake and Empowered Expo, being a guest on AAE tv, writing for AAE Magazine, or other radio and tv interviews thereby creating a sustainable revenue stream.
5. Build a strong foundation for you to stand on for the foreseeable future.
6. Create a mission that is sustainable for the long term and that will live on beyond your physical incarnation.

At the end of this journey, you will have a stable foundation upon which to serve the world in a substantial and meaningful way, that only you are uniquely qualified to do. Mentoring with Ethann will also dramatically impact many other areas of your life, like your relationships, self confidence, public image, and so on.
Due to the popularity of this program, Ethann only accepts people who have already worked with him one-on-one in Option #3 and then has submitted an application to be considered for Option #4. Ethann considers many factors when evaluating your application, including your current astrological and numerological cycles and your reasons for wanting to work with him. Also, due to the amount of time required for this program, he only accepts a small number of students at any given time. If he is unable to accept you at the current time, you will be added to a waiting list or may apply again later.
Program Includes:
36 - Forty-five minute video calls (approximately 2 per month)
216 - Remote Energy Transfer Sessions (approximately 12 per month)
Current Cost: $950 per month over a 1.5 year period
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Velentaya's Experience

The people, places, and experiences that have guided my spiritual journey have always shown up in perfect timing. Meeting Ethann was no exception. When we started working together, I was ready to share my gifts with others, but I had no idea how to make that happen without a platform or an audience of my own. In less than a year, Ethann has helped me accomplish more than I have in several years of trying myself. He has been instrumental in launching my work into the world by using his combined expertise in business, astrology, and numerology to expertly craft a marketing and branding strategy specific to my gifts, personality, and chart. I have been showcased in live venues, online videos, telesummits and social media because of his many resources and contacts in the higher consciousness community. As a result, my audience is growing daily and I am helping more people than I ever thought possible, while living out my soul purpose and doing the work that I love.

I have experienced so many benefits from working with Ethann. His dedication and support to my success have been the keys to keeping me focused and staying accountable to my goals. Having access to his team for sessions, as well as his energy transfers, are added bonuses that have given me the opportunity to fine tune my work and gain insight into the scope of my gifts. In regards to my astrology and numerology, he has been spot on when consulting my chart in order to determine the best time to move forward or not with various parts of our work together. He has also helped me understand different aspects of myself in relation to my chart. This has been a huge asset in terms of marketing and building my brand.

I am beyond grateful for having crossed paths with Ethann and I truly appreciate all that he has done to help launch my work into the world.

-Velentaya Reece
Vibrational Linguist