Whole Life Approach

Ethann has been a student and practicing astrologer and numerologist for over 22 years. During this time he has studied and brought together the wisdom of various Eastern and Western philosophies into a singular cohesive system. It is his belief that the knowledge that underlies all of these modern systems originated with a singular body of wisdom thousands of years ago. But when combined, they become a powerful tool for understanding our world. Using his own unique blend of astrology and numerology techniques, Ethann offers a variety of services that can be personalized to fit your needs from personal readings and relationship compatibility to career, financial and business consultations.

Ethann’s personal readings incorporate a whole life approach to move an individual to greater achievement, fulfillment, and happiness. Ethann has developed an unconventional and effective method for interpreting the soul’s path, utilizing astrology and numerology cycles as a means to determine goal setting and establishing timelines for success. Every year has a purpose and knowing the purpose of the year, and potential obstacles, you can navigate through your business, personal and financial cycles with eyes open. This is a holistic approach to personal coaching that also takes into account other matters in life, such as health cycles, relationships and karmic experiences. Suggestions will also be made for dietary, supplemental and lifestyle changes that will enhance performance and wellbeing.

Your Name

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. But do you realize that the energetic value of your name can significantly influence your life experience? Ethann delves into the analysis of personal and business names to determine advantages and disadvantages for career, financial, relationship and personal success. He also provides assistance in the name change process and recommendations for new names.

Your Relationships

The people we surround ourselves with have a tremendous impact on our personal and professional success. Ethann can help you to understand the significance of close relationships and how they are intimately connected to your personal achievement, health, and inner peace. You will gain insight into the significant people in your life, why they do the things they do, and how to respond in a way that strengthens or weakens your relationship bond. This type of consultation will help you to seek out friends and relationship partners that would best harmonize with and support your life journey. Ethann also offers analysis of business partners to determine the potential of career and financial harmony, as well as trustworthiness and synergy.

Your Business

To succeed in business, we must first be aligned with our soul’s imprint and the planetary energies. Ethann offers a detailed business analysis to determine the success potential of your business chart. This session includes evaluating the incorporation date and business name, as well as the owner’s personal astrology and numerology cycles to identify obstacles and opportunities. Recommendations are made regarding growth and rest periods in the charts so that you can make strategic decisions with regard to business investments. For those starting a new business, analysis of an individual’s astrology cycles combined with the selection of optimal incorporation dates will lead to the greatest potential for success. This type of consultation will also explain the dynamics of the new business chart and what the individual can expect in the future. Ethann can also provide analysis of business and personal cycles in order to determine optimal dates and times for the launch of marketing initiatives and other important projects.



Isabell’s Experience

“Ethann has been an absolute Guru angel guide for me. I have been getting readings from him for over 4 years. He has helped me gain so much insight as to my own personal life path choices and future predictions. He can see what needs to shift and how to tweak it to maximize my life purpose, desires, and goals. He is a master at reading my astrological chart as well as my numerology vibrations. He gave me the most incredible effective suggestions regarding my business. Every piece of advice has been exactly what I needed to hear to make the proper choices, that has placed me in a position of success, happiness, and gratitude. Ethann has woken me up by educating me on the power of Astrology and numerology. He has been a major part of my success support and transformation. Ethann is also a compassionate, communicator,
as well as intuitive, detailed oriented and patient spiritual advisor and mentor.”

– Isabell Daniel – Owner of Kalliste Beauty